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1979-93 Coupe and hatch back windshield molding mounting clips. Kit has 13 pieces. This cowl grill is black in color and fits all styles of 1983-93 Mustangs: convertible, hatchback, coupe. Comes with the hardware! This kit is used to attach any 79-93 front bumper cover to the header panel. This kit comes with 21 special rivets. Regular rivets will clamp too tight and crack your fiberglass header panel, but these won't.
This hardware is used to attach the 1983-93 cowl grille. It includes the nuts and the screws. 1979-93 rear window molding clips for a coupe.  This kit has 19 pieces, including 5 of the hard-to-find round discs. 1979-93 Gas tank door bumpers.  One set required per vehicle.
Self sealing nuts used to install hatchback or coupe 1987-1993 quarter windows. Sold separately. 18 is enough to do both windows.
These are the metal clips that attach the headlight housing to the adjuster plate.  (set of 3, one kit does one light) 1985 - 93 Fender / Quarter Body Side Molding Hardware. Kit comes with 4 nuts that are used to hold the hard plastic body side moldings on the front fender and rear of quarter panel. Kit does 1 molding