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1979-93 Ford Mustang Instrument Cluster LED Bulb Set 1979-93 Ford Mustang Custom 5.0 Brake & Clutch Pedal Pad Set 5-Speed This is the door weatherstripping that attaches to the door frame pinch welds. This fits all styles: hatch, coupe, convertible and t-top. It measures 155" (393.7cm) and is trim-to-fit. Daniel Carpenter Mustang Reproductions.
Driver's door window run channels for hardtops (coupe or hatchback). These run along the inside window frame at the top of the door. The window seals into this part when it is rolled up. These are an easy fix. Passenger's door window run channels for hardtops (coupe or hatchback). These run along the inside window frame at the top of the door. The window seals into this part when it is rolled up. These are an easy fix. This is the part that sits at the top of the exterior of the door and wipes the dew off of the window as the window is rolled down. It is a rubber piece with felting on the side that rubs the window.  No installation hardware required,
Trunk weatherstripping for either coupe or convertible, fits 1979-93. Weatherstripping for hatchback, 1979-93. Weatherstripping that attaches to the glass part of your sunroof. This is made using original Ford blue prints for a perfect fit. Made from quality EPDM rubber.
1983-93 Ford Mustang Ford Mustang Convertible Quarter Post Window Seal Clear tag light lens. Fits 1979-93, all models. Sold separately; 2 required per vehicle. GT fog light lens with new bulb and reflector. Fits 1987-93, all models.
These GT fog light assembly comes complete with housing, reflector, bulb and factory plug. Perfect fit with no modifications needed. Fits 1987-93. 1979-93 Coupe and hatch back windshield molding mounting clips. Kit has 13 pieces. Lower windshield trim moldings that attach to the bottom of the windshield to the left and right of the cowl grille.
These outer belt moldings attach to the top of the door next to the dew wipe. This is a reproduction set (both sides) and comes with attaching hardware. This kit does not include the dew wipe, but see below if you need both the dew wipe and this molding. Kit includes 2 door hinge pins, 4 hinge bushings and 2 retaining pins. This kit includes everything to repair one door. All metal construction for a longer lasting life, unlike the plastic originals. These do come as a set. We also sell the rivets to attach these!
Rivets are black in color. One set required per door. Chrome 5.0 emblem. Adhesive backing ready to be installed. Sold separately; 2 required per car. Fits 1979-93, all models. This cowl grill is black in color and fits all styles of 1983-93 Mustangs: convertible, hatchback, coupe. Comes with the hardware!
Hatch lift supports for 1979-93 hatchbacks. These are the solution for sagging hatch gates or hatches that won't stay up. Sold separately. Two required per vehicle. Originals are notorious for breaking causing the lid to not latch. These reproductions have the latch reinforced to prevent breaking. This is a set of 14 door panel retaining push pins. One set required per door.
This bushing fits on any 1979-93 door lock striker. Save money and replace the bushing instead of the whole striker. This door lock actuator will fit any 1979-93 Mustang. We also sell the rivet to attach it! These door handle cups come with the rubber seal for the handle. Black in color. Fits 1979-93, all Ford Mustang models. Sold as a set.
These rivets are for use with the door lock actuators. One required per actuator. Nylon plastic bushings that guide the window up and down on the guide rod. Worn out guides cause loose and irregular windows. Fits 1981-93 hatchback and coupe. Please look over guide below to determine which bushing will work for your car! Plastic triangle covers that attach to the interior of the door and cover up the mounting studs for side-view mirror. Sold as a set. Comes with mounting screws. Fits 1987-93, all models.