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This bushing fits on any 1979-93 door lock striker. Save money and replace the bushing instead of the whole striker. This is the lock roller and pin that attaches to the lower door hinge. Original pieces sometimes crumble into nothingвЁвЁ. If this part is missing your door will not stay open on its ownвЁвЁ. These Tension check springs are what holds the door open at halfway and all the way open. These are commonly broken and can cause the door to swing shut. This kit attaches at the lower door hinge and is held on by one of the door hinge bolts.
This is the bolt that the door latch grabs when the door shuts. Striker bolt assembly will fit any 1983-93. 1979-93 Ford Mustang Door Latch Screw 1979-82 Ford Mustang Dome Light Switch
1983-93 Ford Mustang Master Door Hinge Rebuild Kit
1983-93 Ford Mustang Master Door Hinge Rebuild Kit
Priced Individually $69.70
Kit Price $59.95 Kit Saves You 15%
Savings: $9.75